Who Are Xtreme Group

Xtreme Group have proudly been doing what we do best for over two decades now.  For those of you that have not seen our home page, we are a leading specialist group across a diverse industry.

We started off selling used goods in the audio markets, later on expanded into the Video/Televison markets.  We just could not keep up with supplying the general public.  Decisions needed to made, and so we registered ourselves with companies like Keff, Marantz, Bose, Jamo, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG to name but a few.  The choice was made, to not just focus on a sales environment but expanding into a service market as well.

We started offering installation services of sound and video equipment.  Soon to be, that simply just was not enough either.  More staff were recruited, to break into the satellite and Antennae installation market.

One thing lead to another, soon we were installing CCTV and intercom systems.  After all this happened, we decided to cool things down, and started supplying and doing air conditioning sales and installations.

For over two decades, our teams and our business has gone good to great.  All our teams are trained by our suppliers, and have to be certified in order to carry out their duties.

At Xtreme Group, your safety and ours is vital.  We don’t monkey around, we lead by example.

We look forward to working with you, so don’t delay, pick up a phone and give us a call today.

Products And Services

Air Conditioners

Sales , Service , Installations

CCTV / Intercoms

Sales , Service , Installations


Accredited , Sales , Service , Installs

Audio- Sound

Audio Equipment Supplied & Installed


Video Equipment Supplied & Installed


Sales , Service , Instaltions


Sales , Service , Installations

Heat Pumps

Video Equipment Supplied & Installed


Office & Home Automation